What is the white, powdery build-up on my humidifier? 

Hard water can cause Calcium and magnesium to build up in a white powder on the humidifier.

How do I remove the mineral build-up on my humidifier? 

Overtime, the mineral build-up can cause the humidifier to stop working so we recommend cleaning your humidifier often. The full cleaning instructions are available on page 5 of the user manual

My humidifier isn't working. 

Make sure the power button is not set to OFF.

My humidifier is making excessive noise.

Check the water tank to make sure it is properly seated on the base. Next check the water tank to make sure there are no bubbles when the water tank is full and running. If there are bubbles, turn the humidifier OFF until the bubbling stops. When the bubbling has stopped, set the unit to the desired speed. 

My humidifier is leaking. How do I return it?

If you have tried troubleshooting your humidifier and determined the humidifier defective, you can request a return. Make sure to have your proof of purchase ready!

How do I register for my warranty?

If you just received your product and would like to register the warranty, you'll need to complete the Warranty Registration Form

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