How Humidifiers Help Indoor Plants

How Humidifiers Help Indoor Plants

We always talk about the health benefits of having a humidifier, but there are other living things in the house that can benefit from more moisture in the air.

Effects of Low Humidity on Indoor Plants

If you have been cultivating your indoor plant collection, you may notice the tips of leaves turning brown or curling up. Even with sunlight and water, low humidity levels in your home can cause this. When the air is dry, the plant loses moisture through the pores in the leaves that they breathe through. The plant cannot always pull water from its roots to replace this water.

Ideal Humidity Level for Indoor Plants

Things like air conditioners, heaters and fans can cause a low humidity level in your home. The average home falls below 30 percent humidity. However, most plants (even cacti) thrive when the humidity level is at least 40 percent, and more so between 50-60 percent.

Ways to Increase Humidity for Indoor Plants

  • Add a humidifier in the same room
  • Mist plants with spray bottle
  • Group plants closer together
  • Add plants with bigger leaves, as these tend to hold on to moisture longer
  • Add pebble trays to your plants
  • And our favorite option, add lots more plants!

Benefits of an Airvana Humidifier

Adding a humidifier to the same room can greatly impact the health of your plants. All you have to do is make sure the humidifier is regularly filled, turn it on and let the extra moisture in the air work its magic.

The Airvana AV450HUM Humidifier is the perfect size to add to your shelf or table full of plants. It is compact in size, but also has a trendy design with lots of color variations.

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