Aqua Glo Operating Tips and FAQs

The Aqua Glo Portable Cool Mist Humidifier is the perfect humidifier for those looking to maintain their glow on the go. With its cord free design, it is ideal for those who need continuous hydration wherever they might be, whether you are traveling or just moving from room to room. With a battery that can fully charge in as little as 3 hours (after initial 24 hour charge), Aqua Glo can help add moisture to indoor air around the clock. It's high and low mist settings are perfect for creating an atmosphere for healthier skin, hair, sinuses, and sleep.

We're here to help you set up and operate your Aqua Glo so that you can start hydrating on the go as soon as possible! See below for operating tips and answers to your frequently asked questions:

How do I set up my Aqua Glo?

Twist open the humidifier by turning the top counterclockwise, then lift the top off. Fill the tank with water (tap water works great!). Place the top back on the tank and twist clockwise to lock it into place. Plug in the USB cord to the back of the humidifier and the other end to a power source. Be sure to allow the filter to absorb the water for a few minutes before turning the humidifier on.

Why is there no mist?

Over time, minerals can collect in your humidifier and can block passageways. Be sure to remove any mineral buildup on the inside and outside of the humidifier. You might need to readjust the spring inside the filter holder so that the filter wick is firmly pressed against the top of the humidifier. Replace the filter wick as needed.

Why is my Aqua Glo blinking?

When the battery is low, the LED light will flash as a reminder to charge your Aqua Glo. When there is no water in the tank, the LED light will flash three times and the unit will shut off. You will need to refill the water tank in order for the unit to turn back on.

How do I turn off the light?

To turn off the soft glow LED light, press down on the power button for at least three seconds.

How often do I need to change the filter?

We recommend that you replace your filter wick when it starts to fray and appear worn. This usually takes months to occur, but you can replace the filter as often as you'd like without harming the performance of the unit.

How do I change the filter?

Twist off the top of your Aqua Glo and locate the filter holder (the tube in the middle of the unit that matches the unit's color). Gently pull the filter holder until it is removed from the unit. Be sure to be extra cautious with the filter holder as it contains a spring that helps push the wick into the unit. Then, grab the white filter wick and gently pull it out of the unit. Replace with new wick, place the filter holder over the wick (with the spring at the bottom of the holder) and press.

How long do I need to charge my Aqua Glo before use?

We recommend that you charge your Aqua Glo for 24 hours before initial use to ensure the best possible performance.

How do I charge my Aqua Glo?

The Micro USB charger is located on the back of the top part of the unit. You can operate the unit while charging.

How much water do I need to fill my Aqua Glo with?

We recommend that you fill your Aqua Glo with 2 cups of water, however, the unit will function as intended with less.

Why does my Aqua Glo come with 2 cords?

We include a two cords with each Aqua Glo unit, one short and one long for different applications across your home. For example, the shorter cord might be better for your nightstand, and the longer cord for your desk.